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Our Services

Let us help take your business to the next level. 


All of our services are designed to eliminate stress and

increase day-to-day productivity in your business.


Galaxy Organizers is available for hourly, project-based work.

We offer a free, 30-minute consult for all new clients.

Call today for your free consult and quote.

Space Saving Wall Filing System

Clutter Cleanse

Are parts of your office floor, desk and other work spaces hidden under stacks of paper and other general clutter?

If you have a home-based business, has your office clutter spilled out of your office into other rooms?

Do you find yourself unnecessarily purchasing new office supplies because you’re unable to quickly assess your office supply needs?


Let Galaxy Organizers give your office a Clutter Cleanse and reclaim your work space for you.

Improving Paper Filing Systems

Functional Files

How quickly are you able to locate your paper files?  


Are you running out of space to file more papers in your filing cabinets?


How intentional are you when creating more paper files?  


Galaxy Organizers can update, create, and implement a paper filing system that will allow you to access your documents with complete ease and efficiency. 

Maintaining your PC or Laptop

Computer Care

Are your computer files in disarray, making it difficult to locate needed documents quickly?  

How often do you back up important business files on your computer?

At Galaxy Organizers, we help you claim more time in your work day through digital file clean up and basic computer maintenance, increasing the functionality of one of your best office tools - your PC/laptop.

Bookkeeping and CRM Help

Other Offerings

Light Bookkeeping

Do you dread tax season every year because you haven't consistently kept track of your books over the year? 


Galaxy Organizers is experienced with utilizing Quickbooks for your bookkeeping needs.  

Database/CRM Assistance

Have you set up a basic database to maintain client information for better customer service?  Galaxy Organizers has experience assisting busy professionals with both client care via basic database set-up so client info can be at your fingertips.

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