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Why Hire a Pro Organizer?

Best Intentions

You’re smart.  You have your own business.  You’re a superhero executive.  You run your household.  You have everything under control and yet…


When it comes to organizing your office space, it’s a project that’s never completed.  You find yourself always in the beginning stages, armed with good intentions, to “finally get it all organized.”


Insidious Clutter

And then it happens… your business takes off.  Clients call.  Invoices to be processed, services to be rendered.  You have many irons in the fire and the papers start stacking up.  Your computer becomes cluttered with hundreds of files and your email inbox expands out of control. 


Soon, your office looks like a war zone and you haven't seen the wood on your desk in weeks.  You begin to spill out of your office space into other spaces in your home or workplace. 


The Snowball

Your clutter continues to snowball.  More papers find homes in random stacks than in your filing cabinets.  You order new office supplies, unable to locate the new supplies that you just ordered the week prior (they are hiding under a pile...somewhere). 


Next, it takes you more than 5 minutes to find an important document that you know you just printed out… Just a few weeks later, you have to tear your whole office apart to find something.  

The Wall

Over time, your office space is in such chaos and the clutter is so bad that you don't even know where to begin with attempting to organize it.  The task seems overwhelming and you hit a wall...


You wave the white flag and stop making any attempts to climb out of the clutter.  You know you would work much more efficiently with some organization but you're frustrated. 


So you just quietly close the door to your home office when you have visitors or, if you’re in a corporate office, you begin meeting clients in the conference room as your office is too cluttered to even offer them a seat.  It can be embarrassing and you feel it reflects poorly on you as a professional and reflects badly on your business. 

It Happens to Everyone

Getting behind and overwhelmed by lack of organization is nothing to be embarrassed about – it happens to the best leaders in any business.  Often, this happens to the smartest people who have confidence in so many areas that they feel they “should” be able to tackle the task of runaway office disorganization on their own.  It can be frustrating to feel helpless in something that seems like it should be easy. 


Hire a Pro

Whether or not this describes you a little bit or even a lot, hiring a professional organizer is a wise move.  A professional organizer can help you find a starting place when you’ve hit a wall, they offer accountability and experience setting up systems to maintain longer term organization, and they will help you fully purge and finally reclaim your office space when you feel overwhelmed by the task. 

Allow a professional organizer to help you get back on track with your organization and to lay a great foundation that allows you to maintain organization for years to come.  You’ll be amazed at how much peace you feel, how much more productive you will be when the distraction of disorganization is gone, and how much your business can flourish when everything you need is at your fingertips at all times, helping you feel more poised and polished.

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